Chiloé es un archipiélago único en el mundo. Por sobre el caleuche o el curanto, existe allí una fascinante arquitectura sin arquitectos desde donde emergen historias de devoción, ingenio y esfuerzos demenciales. Hoy los chilotes se plantean su identidad luchando contra la nostalgia y la aplastante presión de la modernidad.





Learning from nature how to survive marginality and urban violence. Instalación audiovisual de realidad virtual desarrollada junto a los arquitectos Elton_Léniz, Gonzalo Puga y Glaciar Films conformada por cinco fogatas de siete monitores cada una. En exhibición durante el año 2016 en la Biennale de Venecia.

It is interesting how the whole history of human settlements is reversed: cities were once the safe place that protected people from threatening nature. For too many people in the world it is now the exact opposite: the city is the threat and nature may be the only way out.
-Alejandro Aravena. Curator 15th Biennale di Architettura.

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Vienna waits for you



A young woman rents an old Viennese apartment. Like many young renters, she didn’t read the fine print when she signed her lease. Unlike many renters, she has chosen to move into one of the most unique apartments in all of Vienna — a dwelling with an appetite for youth. A striking and playfully macabre piece of work that exists somewhere between the universes of Roman Polanski and Tim Burton.
-Mitch Davis, Fantasia Intl. Film Festival

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Mejor Director – Shanghai Intl. Film Festival. China.
Mejor Actriz – Shanghai Intl. Film Festival. China.
Mejor Cortometraje de Horror – FERATUM Film Festival. Tlalpujahua, México.
Premio del Público – Court-Métrange Film Festival. Rennes, Francia
Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – ARQFILMFEST: Arquitectura Film Festival. Santiago, Chile.
Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – FANTEC: Festival de Cine Fantástico de Colina. Colina, Chile.
Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – Montevideo Fantástico. Uruguay.
Premio del Público – Montevideo Fantástico. Uruguay.
Premio de la Crítica – Mile High Horror Film Festival. Denver, USA.
Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – Catacumba Festival Internacional de Horror, Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción. Godella, España.


Nominado al premio de la Academia de Cine de Austria, en la categoría mejor cortometraje.
China, Shanghai – Shanghai International Film Festival
USA, Austin – Fantastic Fest
USA, Palm Springs – Palm Springs Int. Shortfest
Germany, Saarbrücken – Max Ophüls Preis
Portugal, Lisboa – MotelX Horror Film Festival
USA, Maitland – Florida Film Festival
Slovenia, Ljutomer – Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival
Austria, Vienna – /slash Film Festival
Belgium, Bruges – Razor Reel Festival
Colombia, Bogota – Zinema Zombie Festival
Russia, St. Petersburg – Kinoproba Fest
Austria, Vienna – Int. Students Film Festival
Greece, Athens – Int. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival
Australia, Sydney – A Night Of Horror Int. Film Festival
Austria, Vienna – Austrian Film Festival
USA, Los Angeles – LA Comedy Fest
Italy, Ravenna – Cinesogni
Canada, Montreal – Fantasia Festival
USA, Rhode Island – Rhode Island Int. Film Festival
Ukraine, Lviv – Wiz-Art Film Festival
USA, Denver – Mile High Horrorfilm Festival
Mexico – Feratum Film Fest
France, Rennes – Court-Metrange Festival 
USA, Rhode Island – Flickers: Int. Rhode Island Horror Film Festival
Chile, Santiago – Arquitectura Film Festival Santiago
Puerto Rico, San Juan – Purto Rico Horror Film Festival
Czech Republic, Prague – Das Filmfest
Switzerland, Rüttihubelbad Walkringen – Emmentaler Filmtage
Poland, Warsaw – Cinema Forum
Austria, Vienna – ÖFP qualified films at the MUseum MOderner Kunst
Chile, Santiago – Fantec Festival
Uruguay, Montevideo – Montevideo Fantástico
España, Godella – Catacumba Festival Internacional de Horror, Fantasía, Ciencia Ficción.


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“A story of two brothers hiding in the basement as their abusive father rages above them, this short should be seen in the darkened theater auditorium, where the viewer can’t escape the uncomfortable experience director Christoph Rainer achieves via extremely precise use of light, sound, and shot framing.
A tough film to watch, but oh so effective…”


-Kim Adelman, IndieWire

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Mejor Cinematografía – Sehsüchte Intl. Student Film Festival, Alemania.
Premio del Público –  Uframe Intl. Film Festival, España.
Mejor Cortometraje – Kenia Intl. Film Festival, Kenia.
Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – Cortocircuito Intl. Shortfilm Festival, España.
Mejor Montaje – Competencia para jóvenes creativos “kurzundschön”, Alemania.
Mejor Cortometraje Internacional – Lille Intl. Shortfilm Festival, Francia.


Francia, Clermon-Ferrand – 32nd Clermont-Ferrand International Shortfilm Festival
USA, Chicago – 46th Chicago International Film Festival
Grecia, Drama – 16th Drama International Short Film Festival
Francia, Lille – 26th European Film Festival of Lille
USA, Denver – 33rd Denver International Film Festival
Austria, Graz – 13th Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film
USA, Nueva York – 15th New York – New Directors/New Films, Museum of Modern Art
Italia, Roma – 9th Roma Independent Film Festival
Noruega, Trondheim – 22nd Minimalen International Shortfilm Festival
España, Barcelona – 12th Mecal International Film Festival of Barcelona
Reino Unido – 8th Hull International Film Festival
Alemania – 39th Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival
Alemania, Osnabrück – 23rd European Media Art International Festival Osnabrück
España – 7th Curtocircuito International Shortfilm Festival
Kenia, Nairobi – 5th Kenya International Film Festival
Macedonia – 31st International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Manaki Brother
Francia, Lille – 10th Lille International Shortfilm Festival
Alemania, Stuttgart – 24th Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Italia – 6th Noci International Cortinfestival
Austria, Viena – 7th Vienna Independent Short Film Festival
Kosovo – 1st Shqip International Film Festival
Noruega – 33rd Norwegian International Shortfilm Festival
España, San Sebastián – 3rd Tabakalera San Sebastian, Art Exhibition
Italia, Venecia – 11th Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival
Austria, Salzburgo – 10th Film:riss Student Film Festival
Mexico, Monterrey – 6th Monterrey International Film Festival
Croacia – 8th Tabor International Film Festival
Finlandia, Helsinki – 3rd Helsinki International Short Cuts
Austria, Klosterneuburg – 6th Klosterneuburg Open-Air Film Festival
Italia, Lago – 6th Lago International Film Fest
Italia – 3rd I’ve seen Films International Film Festival
Alemania, Karlsruhe – 11th Independent Karlsruhe Filmfest
USA, Burbank – 2nd Burbank International Film Festival
Francia, Biarritz – 24th FIPA Intl. Festival of Audiovisual Programs
España – 3rd U-Frame International Academic Film Festival
Francia – 17th Court, c’est Court International Film Festival
Eslovenia, Ljubljbana – 3rd Ljubljana International Short Film Festival
USA – Brain Wash International Film Showcase
Italia – 10th Bunker International Film Festival
Islandia – 3rd Northern Wave International Film Festival
Austria, Nenzing – 25th Alpinale International Film Festival
Polonia – 18th Camerimage International Film Festival
China, Beijing – 4th Beijing International Movie Festival